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Sousuke Sagara

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Sousuke Sagara

Mesaj Scris de StrippedxLust la data de Vin 15 Ian 2010, 11:14

Sousuke Sagara

Sousuke Sagara is the main character
of the series. He grew up in Helmajistan, a region in Afghanistan that
was caught up in political strife. At age 8, he joined a guerrilla
movement to survive, and eventually found his way into Mithril. Sousuke
only knows military life, so he is suspicious of everything out of the
ordinary. He also has a tough time integrating into high school life,
as his social skills are not quite up to par. Sousuke can be quite
insensitive at times, for example in volume 7 he bought a pregnancy
test while out with Kaname and did not understand what was wrong.(surasa wikipedia)Si acum cateva imagini cu Sousuke

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Re: Sousuke Sagara

Mesaj Scris de Kido X la data de Joi 28 Ian 2010, 12:21

Sosuke Sagara...este soldatul neinfricat si care....cateodata pare cu totul lipsit de sentimente! Lupte destul de bine...stie sa se apere si o place pe Kaname dar si cu Tessa se intelege destul de bine!Uneori asta o poate deranja pe Kaname..insa suporta !

Kido X

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