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Vampire Knight

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Yuuki Cross
Cross (
黒主 優姫, Kurosu
ūki?, Clan Yūki) is the female protagonist of Vampire Knight.
The adopted daughter of the headmaster of Cross Academy, Yuuki is a first year
student and a member of the school's disciplinary committee, which means
secretly acting as a Guardian for Cross Academy by monitoring and protecting
the Day Class from the Night Class. She is generally a cheerful and comedic
character, but has a fear of vampires that means she rarely leaves the Cross
Academy grounds on her own.[1] She wields the Artemis Rod, the anti-vampire
weapon which later transforms into a scythe once she regains her past memories.
As a small child without memories,
Yuuki was saved by Kaname from a vampire and she has had deep feelings for him
ever since. Yuuki is adopted by Kaien Cross, but has troubling recurring
nightmares until Zero joins their household and she forms a strong attachment
to him. Yuuki discovers that Zero has awakened as a vampire and is struggling
with his blood lust, she allows him to secretly feed on her blood. Yuuki
promises to be his ally and that she will kill him if he becomes a level E
vampire. When Shizuka Hio offers to save Zero at the price of Yuuki's humanity,
Yuuki agrees, though is stopped by Zero.

When Yuuki's memories begin to
resurface, Kaname bites Yuuki to reawaken her true nature and then gives her
his blood to restore her complete memory. It is revealed that Yuuki is actually
a pureblood vampire and the last child of Juuri and Haruka Kuran. Following
Rido Kuran's attack on the Kuran's, killing Haruka, Juuri had sacrificed
herself to seal Yuuki's vampiric side and erase her daughter's memory. Upon
returning to her vampire self, she begins to sense Rido's dangerous revival.
Though Kaname attempts to remove her from danger and she refuses to leave Cross
Academy. Resolving to fight Rido, Yuuki's Artemis Rod then transforms into a
Kaname and Zero become allies dispite
his hatred of the Purebloods and together they defeat Rido. However, Zero then
turns on Kaname, intending to kill him, but Yuuki comes before he has the
chance. After a short conversation, Zero drinks Yuuki's blood for one last time
and then kisses her. However, after the kiss he states that the next time they met,
he would surely kill her. Yuuki states that she will run from him forever to
keep him alive. Despite being in love with both Zero and Kaname, Yuuki decides
to spend all of eternity with her older brother. In most recent chapters
released in LaLa magazine, Yuuki has received Artemis back and she vows to take
any pureblood out of their misery if they wish, this being a way for sacrifice
of her loved ones to be abolished.

Zero Kiryu

Zero Kiryu (錐生 零, Kiryū Zero?) is
one of the male protagonists of Vampire Knight. Yuuki's close friend and the
only other Cross Academy Guardian, Zero descends from a noted family of vampire
hunters and was trained to be a Vampire Hunter by Toga Yagari. Zero carries an
anti-vampire gun named "Bloody Rose," given to him by Kaien Cross.
His powers include accelerated healing, vampire detection, ability to withstand
pureblood compulsion and most recently the ability to manipulate vines within
his body that are an extension of the Bloody Rose.
Four years ago, Zero was taken in by Kaien Cross as the sole survivor of a murderous attack on his family by Shizuka
Hio. Zero was bitten during the attack and spent the last four years resisting
turning into a vampire — the tattooed symbol on his neck helped suppress the
vampire transformation. Due to the attack, Zero developed a deep hatred and
distrust of vampires. He kept his vampiric nature secret even from Yuuki until
bloodlust overwhelmed him and he bit her. Filled with self-loathing, Zero
attempts to run away but is stopped by Yuuki, who pledges to kill Zero should
he fall to level E. To further ensure Zero's vampire nature remains controlled,
the headmaster provides Yuuki with a bracelet that reacts with Zero's tattoo
and paralyzes him.[3] Despite these measures, Zero's body rejects the blood
tablets used to sate a vampire's thirst and Yuuki convinces Zero to continue
drinking her blood.
While Zero harbours romantic feelings
for Yuuki, he supports her feelings for Kaname Kuran, in particular because
Zero is gradually becoming a level E vampire, having never drank from the
Vampire that had turned him. He is protective of Yuuki, preventing her from
trading her humanity to Shizuka Hio in exchange for preventing his degenerating
into a Level E vampire, swearing never to allow Yuuki to become a vampire;
knowing this, Kaname Kuran allows Zero to live because Zero would do anything
to protect Yuuki. However, with Shizuka's death, Zero is forced to drink the
blood of Kaname to delay becoming a level E vampire. Following Zero's discovery
that Yuuki is actually a pureblood vampire, Zero and Yuuki sever their
friendship, with Yuuki revealing that her vampire side "ate" her
other side, her human side.
Though Zero is able to maintain his
sanity after drinking Kaname's blood, the Hunters Association arrange his
arrest and lock him up. During this time, Kaname reveals that his purpose in
strengthening Zero is in order for him to protect Yuuki and defeat Rido Kuran.
Soon afterward, Zero is shot by his twin brother and finally completes the Twin
Hunter fragment after he is convinced to "eat" the dying Ichiru. With
this act, as a twin hunter of an excellent lineage who has become a vampire and
carrying the blood of three purebloods (Yuki, Kaname and by proxy Shizuka.
Zero becomes one of the most powerful characters appearing in the series.
Interrupting the battle between Yuuki
and Rido, Zero declares his former friend his enemy, though they are able to
work together and defeat Rido. Zero reveals his intention to kill all pureblood
vampires including Yuuki, but finds that he cannot bring himself to kill her.
Because of his own lingering attachment to her and as someone who made him feel
safe, he finds such an act cruel and reveals that he would not mind if Yuuki
killed him at that moment. However, when Kaname enters the scene, Zero does not
hesitate to entangle him with the Bloody Rose, reasserting his desire to
"exterminate all the purebloods." Zero realizes that Yuuki should be
with Kaname, because "he is the only man who could spend eternity with her".
He tells her that he had craved for her blood only; vampire crave for the blood
of the one they love, and he in effect confesses his feelings for her. He
kisses her, and they separate. In the anime, the kiss does not happen; instead,
Zero tells Yuuki to bite him in order to prove herself as a vampire, and she
does so. As they part ways, Zero tells Yuuki he will find her and kill her, and
Yuuki in turn says she will keep running from him so that he has a reason to
live. A year later, he is still determined to kill all purebloods, but has
decided to hold off on killing Kaname Kuran because it would jeopardize the
peace. He appears to be indifferent towards Yuuki now, but his body still seems
to lust for her blood.

Sayori Wakaba

Sayori "Yori" Wakaba (若葉 沙頼, Wakaba Sayori?) is Yuki's dorm-mate
and best friend since junior high. Yori is a very perceptive girl who finds the
aura of the Night Class to be scary. She is one of the few girls with no
interest in the Night Class and not intimidated by Zero, frequently joining
Yuki to tease him while maintaining that Yuki is the only one capable of
dealing with him. Then Yori discovers that Yuki is a vampire during the attack
on the school, but she accepts Yuki as she is and appears to be more worried
over that fact that she would lose her best friend. Because of the recent
events at Cross Academy, she is taken to a safe place by Aido on Kaname's
orders. When Aido appears before the Day Class after they are saved from enemy
vampires, Sayori takes the initiative to thank him for saving them. After a
year has passed, Sayori refused to have her memory erased by the hunters and
fought hard to keep it, she is one of the few people who knows what actually
happened at the school. In the recent chapters, she sneaks into a ball that is
held by the hunters association for the vampires by hiding in a suitcase with
Kaito's help, she does this in order to meet with Yuki. She is a bit naive when
it comes to the true nature of most vampires. She has a fiance, as revealed in
the fanbook.

Night Class

Kaname Kuran

Kaname Kuran (玖蘭
枢, Kuran Kaname?) is a male protagonist and is the pureblood vampire who saved
Yuki from an attack by another vampire when she was five years old. He is the
class president of the Night Class, both feared and respected by the other
Night Class students. As a pureblood, he is capable of controlling lesser
vampires, but chooses not to exercise his powers, thus earning the respect of
other noble vampires. Kuran shares the Chairman's hopes for a peace between
vampires and humans and worked with the Chairman to create the Night Class at
Cross Academy. Despite Zero's distrust, Kuran's presence keeps the Night Class
in check. Normally a stoic and authoritative individual, Kaname's kind and
gentle attitude toward Yuuki has puzzled his fellow vampires. He expresses discontent
with Zero for biting Yuuki and endangering her life. Kuran informs Zero that he
only allows Zero's existence by Yuuki's side to ensure her safety. He
eventually reveals to Yuuki that he loves her.
As he kills
Shizuka Hio, Kuran promises her that he will destroy the being that ruined the
destiny of the purebloods and drinks her blood in order to gain power to
protect Yuuki, though he leaves some of her blood to save Zero. Kuran offers
Yuuki to allow her to remain by his side, including offering to make her a
vampire and asking her to become his lover when she presses him for information
concerning her forgotten past. He also convinces Zero to drink his blood to
stave off insanity, slowing Zero's descent to a Level E vampire. Kaname
eventually reveals that this act was one of many steps required to prepare and
strengthen Zero so that he can kill Rido and free the Kuran's Clan from Rido's
As Rido's presence becomes increasingly apparent, Kaname bites Yuuki in order to awaken
her vampire nature and feeds her his blood to restore her memories as Kuran
and as his 'sister'. He reveals to Takuma Ichijo that he is not Yuuki's true
blood brother, but the first king and founder of the Kuran family who had been
revived by Rido Kuran. As such, Kaname is unable to kill Rido, his
"master", and was only able to severely injure and incapacitate him
when he tried to take Yuuki from the Kuran family. As a child, Juuri and Haruka
Kuran raised Kaname as Yuuki's brother in place of the son that Rido took, and
Yuki and Kaname planned to marry when they were children, following the example
of Juri and Haruka who were also brother and sister, but still married.
When Rido is revived, Kaname plans to take Yuuki away from Cross Academy, fearing for Yuuki's life. Yuuki's refusal to comply with his plan upsets him, but she
kisses him to console him and convinces him to leave her and complete his
mission. He goes to the Vampire Council and kills all the summoned members,
except Asato Ichijo. Kaname confronts Zero and tries to kill him for pointing
the Bloody Rose at Yuuki. He restrains after Yuuki tells him not to kill Zero,
and leaves for Yuuki and Zero to say their farewells, but Zero tells Yuuki that
he will soon come back to kill her. Yuuki says she will be prepared for him to
do so. Kaname and Yuuki then start living together again in Yuuki's childhood
home. A year later, Kaname continues to strive for peace and continues to
support Yuuki in any way he can. Kaname quickly has come to realize that Yuuki
is also in love with Zero, but does not hold that against her.

Takuma Ichijo

Takuma Ichijo
(一条 拓麻, Ichijo Takuma?) is the vice-president of the Night Class. He is a
noble-class vampire nearly as powerful as Kaname, whom he is close to and
respects. With his cheerful and enthusiastic demeanor, Ichijo appears very
"un-vampire like", lacking the dark atmosphere that surrounds most
vampires and making him appear more like a human. His favorite reading material
is manga. Ichijo maintains a close friendship with Senri Shiki, whose
great-uncle is also a member of the council, and is a good friend to Rima Toya.
Educated by a grandfather with high expectations for him, Ichijo is ordered by his grandfather to spy on Kaname while attending Cross Academy; he refuses out of loyalty for his friend and attempts to break away of his grandfather's intentions. When Senri Shiki is possessed by Rido Kuran, Ichijo is forced to go against Kaname in order to protect his friends. Once Shiki is freed from Rido's possession, Ichijo rejoins Kaname's side and stops Kaname from killing his grandfather, instead asking that he be the one to handle the issue. It is strongly hinted at that Ichijo intended to end his life along with his grandfather, saying "Together, let us put an end to the Ichijo line."
But it is revealed that he never got his wish, as he was discovered unconscious
afterwards by Sara Shirabuki, one of the few known Pureblood vampires, who said that she always wanted "to have" Takuma, as though he were simply a
doll or a toy. He was currently in the hands of Sara Shirabuki, who is using
him to get information about Kaname.

Hanabusa Aido

Hanabusa Aido
(藍堂 英, Aid
ō Hanabusa?), nicknamed "Idol" by the Day Class
girls, is known among the Night Class along with his cousin Akatsuki Kain to be
"Kaname-sama's right hand". His fierce admiration for Kaname borders
on jealousy and though extremely loyal, Aido has a tendency to overstep his
boundaries, which results in Kaname punishing him if discovered. A noble-class
vampire who can conjure and control ice, Aido often appears cheerful and
friendly one moment, but vindictive and cruel the next. A perceptive
individual, he figures out Zero is a vampire, but he keeps this information to
himself without any hidden agenda in mind.
Aido is not overly fond of Yuki and dislikes the attention that Kaname gives her. He is temporarily troubled when he witnesses Kaname's killing of a fellow pureblood and runs away from the Moon Dormitory and imposes himself on Yuki and Zero. Agreeing with Yuki's assertion that he would remain loyal to Kaname even if betrayed by him, he returns to the vampire's side. Aido has difficulty adjusting himself to referring to Yuki in a
formal manner following the revelation of her true nature when he is appointed
as one of her protectors.

During Rido's attack on Cross Academy,
Aido protects the Day Class, as ordered by Yuki. Half a year after the
incident, Aido becomes Yuki's tutor.

The official Japanese name is Aidou

Akatsuki Kain

Akatsuki Kain (架院 暁, Kain Akatsuki?) is Aido's cousin and
considered one of "Kaname-sama's right hands". While the Day Class
girls have nicknamed him "Wild", Kain is actually mellower than Aido
and his layback attitude and association with Aido frequently sees him getting
into trouble, despite not being directly responsible.[6] He refers to Kaname as
their "gang leader".
Kain is incredibly perceptive and frequently sensitive to others' feelings, most particularly with Aido and Ruka's. While he initially suspects that Zero has killed Shizuka Hio, he instantly realizes that was not what had transpired. Kain's ability as a vampire is the opposite of Aido's, the ability to conjure and control fire. Kain has feelings for Ruka, often appearing at her side when she is feeling down about Kaname's unwillingness to accept her feelings.
During Rido's
attack on Cross Academy, Kain and Ruka fight vampires attacking the Day Class
on Kaname's orders.

The official
Japanese version of his name is Akatsuki Cain

Ruka Souen

Ruka Souen (早園
瑠佳, S
ōen Ruka?) is a female vampire popular with the Day Class
students and one of those who are the most faithful and protective of Kaname.
She is a childhood friend to Kaname, Ichijo, Aido, and Kain.

Ruka appears to dislike Yuki due to
Kaname's love for her, while Souen's own strong feelings for him remain
unreciprocated. It was expressed in a flashback that even before she met
Kaname, she had always had feelings for him to the extent of wanting to give
him her blood. However, the only time he ever drank her blood was to protect
Yuki from his urge to bite her, and he has since politely refused to drink it.
Souen is upset when Kaname chooses Yuki to be his lover, but finally accepts
her when she discovers that Yuki is Kaname's pureblood sister, even having Aido
give Yuki a pair of shoes to wear. Recognizing the foolishness of her obsessive
feelings for Kaname, Souen shows that while she remains as dedicated as ever to
him, she is able to do so calmly and with a mature level-headed attitude.

During Rido's attack on Cross Academy,
Souen works with Kain to defend girls in the Day Class. In the anime, she possesses
the ability of mind control. Despite her apparent dislike of humans, Ruka does
care for their safety and is adamant about protecting them from vampires.

Most recently, she helps Yuki with her
etiquette lessons and was seen helping Yuki get ready for the ball.

In Ruka, the ru means "lapis
lazuli" while the ka means "good-looking," or
"beautiful." The sou in Luca's surname, Souen, means
"early," but the kanji also has an obscure meaning of "strong
fragrance." The en means "garden."

The official Japanese name is Souen

Senri Shiki

Senri Shiki (
支葵 千里, Shiki Senri?) is one of the
youngest Night Class members and works as a model with Rima Toya. When the
Night Class is given orders to hunt down a level E vampire, Shiki is usually
the one sent out hunting the level E vampires. He is able to control and bend
his blood at will.

Senri also
cares for Rima and they seem to be really close. In one of the episodes he was
at the Vampire ball and his Uncle said that he was too skinny, when the
conversation finished he turned around quite shocked to see that Rima was
offering to feed him. He also cares for his room-mate and best friend, Ichijo.

Shiki's father
is Rido Kuran, making him Kaname and Yuki's cousin, and his mother's uncle is
part of the council. His mother was also a former actress, making the Shiki
family well known. As part of a plan to resurrect himself, Rido possesses his
son's body, though for Shiki to reassert himself is easier than he lets on.
During Rido's fight against Rima, Shiki is able to awaken within himself and
attempt to regain control of his body.

After Rido's
revival, Shiki regained consciousness and after recalling the events that had
taken place, apologizes to an unconscious Rima for letting Rido use his body
and embraces her. He protects Rima from a servant of Rido and, as she regains
consciousness, carries Rima away from the Moon Dormitory before it collapses.
As Shiki escapes, he sees his father one last time before Rido's death. He goes
looking for Ichijo with Rima when Ichijo does not come back to the others.
Recently, he is seen with Rima Toya (His date) at a meeting between vampires.

Rima Touya

Rima Touya (遠矢
莉磨, T
ōuya Rima?) is one of the youngest Night Class students and she
works as a model alongside Senri Shiki. The relationship with Shiki is unknown,
though they are almost always seen together. She cares deeply for Shiki and
possesses a personality similar to his. As a vampire, Touya possesses lightning
or electricity related abilities.
After suspecting Shiki has changed upon
his return to school, Touya confronts Rido and demands him to leave Shiki's body since she can tell that he is not Shiki. She is wounded by Rido, but is
saved by Ichijo. While injured, she tries to convince Shiki to snap out of his
state and calls him an idiot for letting Rido control him. Badly wounded, she is
sent back to the Moon Dormitory by Ichijo. Protected by Shiki, Touya later
awakens and they are forced to leave because of the building's collapse. She
later helps Senri in his search for Takuma. Recently, Touya has been seen as
Shiki's date for a vampire meeting.


Seiren (星煉, Seiren?) is a student of the Night Class, and is Kaname's
unofficial bodyguard. She is usually the first to defend Kaname from anyone she
regards as a threat. She barely refrains from killing Zero when he threatens
Kaname with the Bloody Rose. Seiren also appears to serve Kaname in the
capacity of a spy or informant, for example, she is the one that tells Kaname
that his uncle has risen. She uses her body as a weapon and is very skilled in
hand-to-hand combat. After Rido was killed, Seiren chose to continue following
her master, Kaname.

Kaien Cross

Kaien Cross (黒主 灰閻理事長, Kurosu Kaien Rijich
ō?) is Yuki's
adoptive father, who also took Zero into his home for several years. Headmaster
Cross dreams of peace between humans and vampires, and established the Night
Class to promote understanding between the two races. Cross is shown to have a
habit of provoking Zero and is eccentric in some ways, but he has a serious
side as well.
The headmaster is revealed to have several secrets, including that he was a former vampire hunter. He knew both of Kaname's parents, who founded the Cross Academy peace treaty before their deaths, and feels indebted to them, in particular Juri Kuran, who had spared his life sixteen years ago after he had attempted to take away her life, not knowing then that she was pregnant with Yuki.During the defense of Cross Academy, Cross stands against the hunters from the Hunters Association, refusing to kill any vampires and intending only to protect the Night Class as they defend the Day Class, and asserts that he has no intention of allowing the hunters to take Yuki.[8] His vampire hunter weapon appears to be some sort of sword,[9] which
he uses to kill the President of the Hunters Association who had turned corrupt
from drinking Rido Kuran's blood.[10]

Ichiru Kiryu
Ichiru Kiryu (錐生 壱縷, Kiryū Ichiru?) is
Zero's younger twin brother. When they were younger, they were both taught by
Toga Yagari to become vampire hunters. Ichiru, however did not seem to share
Zero's natural ability and was often ill. Zero and Ichiru were very close as
children, although later Ichiru claims to have hated Zero after overhearing
that his parents preferred Zero over himself.
Because Shizuka recognized Ichiru felt the same pain she did, she chose not to kill him and makes him her devoted and loyal servant instead. She lets Ichiru drink her blood to strengthen him and cure his chronic ill health, although she does not turn him into a vampire and
he remains a human. With Shizuka's death, he attends Cross Academy as a Day Class student by the orders of Shiki's father, Rido Clan, and Zero's permission. Ichiru's reasons for siding with Rido appear to involve Rido promising Ichiru that he will kill those who killed Shizuka Hio.

When Zero is arrested by the Vampire Hunters Association, Ichiru visits him and appears to shoot him out of hatred. However, it is revealed that Ichiru was terribly wounded in an attempt to kill Rido, the one that Ichiru had actually been after because of his role in Shizuka's death. After he shoots his brother, Ichiru convinces Zero to "eat" his body so they can finally become one, as they were originally supposed to be. Ichiru states that he was happy that he was not dead in Zero's heart and when they hug, he says that he feels comfortable to be in his arms, recalling a time when the brothers slept in the same bed often and they were loved equally by their mother. After Ichiru's death, Zero appeared to
grow vines, most likely from all of Shizuka Hio's blood that Ichiru had

Touga yagari

Toga Yagari (夜刈 十牙, Yagari Tōga?)
is currently the top ranked vampire hunter, as well as the one who trained Zero
to be a vampire hunter. He lost his right eye trying to save Zero long ago when
Zero's old school nurse turned out to be a level E vampire and tried to attack
both Zero and Ichiru. Yagari told them to leave but in an attempt to help his
teacher, Zero refuses and stays. It is during this time that the nurse goes for
Zero, that Yagari stands in front of him and gets a blow to his face, losing
his right eye. He appears at Cross Academy serving for a short while as a Night
Class substitute teacher of Ethics, and to decide whether Zero is considered
dangerous or not.
Yagari is shocked to learn the Council
of Ancients' decision to punish Zero for the death of Shizuka Hio and later appears to arrest Zero for other charges.[12] Before leaving Zero, he gives him the Bloody Rose.[13] Yagari subsequently joins the Chairman to protect Cross
Academy from the Hunters Association.

Shizuka hio

Shizuka Hio (緋桜 閑, Hiō Shizuka?) is
the pureblood vampire who bit Zero; even her fellow vampires are uneasy around
her and refer to her as the "Madly Blooming Princess". A manservant
whom she loved (a former human vampire, falsely classified by the Hunter's
Association as Level E) was assigned to be killed by a Kiryu vampire hunter.
Enraged and vengeful, she attacked the Kiryu family, bit Zero, killing their
parents, turned Zero into a vampire, and took Zero's twin, Ichiru, in as a
devoted servant. She was originally Rido Kuran's fiancée, but they never
married due to his disappearance and finally her death.
Because Shizuka's blood can prevent Zero from falling to Level E, Yuuki once had risked her life and humanity for Zero to be able to drink Shizuka's blood. However, to protect Yuuki, Kaname kills Shizuka and drinks her blood, leaving only a small amount for Zero to drink. Unfortunately the blood is drunk by Ichiru, who arrived to find Shizuka first. Before dying, Shizuka warns Kaname that he will live in darkness and has summoned a sinister future for himself for drinking the blood of a Pureblood, when he is one himself.

Maria Kurenai

Maria Kurenai (紅 まり亜, Kurenai Maria?) is a very distant
relative of Shizuka Hio. She allows Shizuka to possess her body in exchange for
being allowed to drink Shizuka's blood, which would strengthen her sickly body.
Due to Shizuka's untimely death, this promise is never fulfilled. She seems to
be fond of Ichiru, hugging Zero when she mistakes him for Ichiru, and asks Yuki
to tell Zero that if he sees Ichiru, to tell him Maria wants to see him again.
She returns to her family after Shizuka's death, and when she sends an owl out
to search for Ichiru she witnesses Kaname's destruction of the Vampire Council,
and proceeds to spread the news.

Asato Ichijou

Asato Ichijou
(一条 麻遠, Ichij
ō Asatō?) often refered to as Ichio, is Takuma's grandfather
and a member of the Vampire Council. He wanted to become Kaname's guardian
after the death of Kaname's parents, but Kaname did not accept. He allows
Takuma to attend Cross Academy for the purpose of spying on Kaname. His age and
demeanor brings fear to many vampires, though Aido and Ruka openly confront him
when Asato implies his desire to drink Kaname's blood.

Sara Shirabuki

Sara Shirabuki (白蕗 更, Shirabuki Sara?) is a beautiful
pureblood vampire who first appears at a party held by the Aido family, stating
to Kaname that "We purebloods have to stick together". She is called
on by vampire society to stop Kaname when it is assumed that he has gone mad
after killing the Vampire Council.[14] Sara found Takuma Ichijo and says to herself
that he "will be useful to get the information on what Kaname's plans

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